Comedy of Errors "Disobey" 2LP Vinyl Set with Autographed Poster

Plane Groovy

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This is a Plane Groovy release.

180g black vinyl double album, gatefold cover in a limited edition of 300 copies with a signed poster.  The original album remastered over three sides, plus a live side recorded at RoSfest in 2016.

Back in 2011, this was the first new album from Comedy of Errors in well over 20 years. The core of the lineup which recorded their 1988 eponymous album reconvened, including vocalist Joe Cairney, keyboard player Jim Johnston and guitarist Mark Spalding. Johnston wrote and arranged all the songs here, but the three plus Bruce Levick on drums gel together as if their last studio collaboration was but a few months ago. The band themselves saw this as a debut album, not because they wished to turn their backs on their legacy, but because this was very much a new beginning for what ultimately has become a highly successful rebirth.

Still rooted mainly in the neo-prog (the album publicity prefers 'post prog') style they adopted all those years ago, there is an intrinsic confidence to 'Disobey' which underpins a highly creditable set of songs including the four-part 26 minute epic 'The Student Prince'.


  • Joe Cairney – Vocals
  • Jim Johnston – Keyboards and Backing Vocals
  • Mark Spalding – Guitars, Bass and Backing Vocals
  • Bruce Levick – Drums


  • Side One:
    • Disobey
    • Jekyll
    • Prelude, Riff and Fugue
    • Could Have Been Yesterday
  • Side Two:
    • The Student Prince Part 1 (When Will I See You Again)
    • The Student Prince Part 2 (And So To Bed)
    • The Student Prince Part 3 (Foolcircle)

  • Side Three:
    • The Student Prince Part 4 (Green Light Coda)
    • Carousel
    • American Rodeo
    • Ailsa’s Lullaby
    • Joke

  • Side Four – Live At RoSfest
    • Disobey
    • Jekyll
    • The Student Prince Part 1 (When Will I See You Again) 

Format: Vinyl
Artist: Comedy of Errors
Release Date: 2020
Cat. No.: PLGX03