Gandalf's Fist "The Clockwork Fable" 5 Vinyl Boxed Set

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Gandalf’s Fist – The Clockwork Fable (5xLP VINYL)(NEW/SEALED)
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The Clockwork Fable – A Steampunk Tale of Deception and Discovery is a progressive rock masterpiece and here available on vinyl in a very limited run.

A 5 x 180g LP box set, limited to 300 copies.

Each box houses a specially commissioned piece of art and the inserts are numbered (the copy number you receive will be unknown until you open the box).

The Clockwork Fable is GF’s conceptual masterpiece; a wondrous feat of storytelling revolving around the steampunk underworld of Cogtopolis.

Unique in its structure, the album features musical contributions from Arjen Lucassen, Blaze Bayley (Iron Maiden), Matt Stevens and Dave Oberle (Gryphon) alongside outstanding dramatic performances from actors including Mark Benton, Zach Galligan, Paul Barnhill, Tim Munro, Bill Fellows and Paul Kavanagh.


  • Disc 1:
    • Side A
  • Act I: The Day the Great Cog Failed
  • The Traveller and the Lighter
  • Shadowborn
  • The Unminable Zone
    • Side B
  • The Lamplighter (Parts I-VIII)
  • In the Cavern of the Great Cog
  • The Great Cog

    • Disc 2:
      • Side A
    • The Shadow Rises…
    • The Capture (Including the Song for a Fallen Nightkeeper)
    • Waiting for Exile
      • Side B
    • Eve’s Song
    • Act II: Of Men and Worms
    • A Sermon for Shadowmas
    • Victims of the Light
      • Old Friends, New Enemies

      • Disc 3:
        • Side A
      • Ditchwater Daisies
      • De-Ranged
      • The Lamplighter (Parts IX-XIII)
        • Side B
      • In the Name of the Spy
      • The Bewildering Conscience of a Clockwork Child
      • Escape!

      • Disc 4:
        • Side A
      • A Solemn Toast for the Steam Ranger Reborn
      • Act III: From Burrows We Came
      • The Oldest Flame
      • The Lamplighter (Parts XIV-XV)
      • Flight for the Surface
        • Side B
      • The Climb
      • At the Summit

      • Disc 5:
        • Side A
      • Fight for the Light
      • Quest for Power
      • At the Sign of the Aperture
        • Side B
      • A Machine Serves His Purpose
      • The Clockwork Fable
      • Escape from Cogtopolis
      • Through the Lens
      • Epilogue – Oh Bugger!


        Format: 5xLP Vinyl
        Artist: Gandalf's Fist
        Release Date: 2020
        Cat. No.: PLGBADGERBOX