The Cyberiam "The Butterfly Effect" EP CD

The Cyberiam

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The Butterfly Effect is The Cyberiam’s second studio effort - 21 minute and 12 second song (2112 - prog fans will surely hear the nod to the Canadian trio that inspired at least one member of The Cyberiam to become a musician)

This EP contains the prog epic by the same name. Divided into five sections, this is one of those lengthy, multi-faceted pieces that prog fans long for and this one from a modern band with a modern touch - melodic, hard rocking and very prog.

Brian Kovacs – Electric & Upright Bass, Vocals
Frank Lucas – Piano & Keyboards
Tommy Murray – Drums & Electronic Drums
Keith Semple – Vocals, Guitars, Additional Programming and Loops 


  1. The Butterfly Effect
  2. The Event
  3. Ripples
  4. Realizations
  5. The Shape of Things to Come
  6. A New Reality

Format: CD
Artist: The Cyberiam
Release Date: 5.3.2019
Cat. No.: n.a.