Brand X "Live From New York" CD

Brand X

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Brand X – Live From New York (CD)
Part of The Official Bootleg Series

Recorded at the Glass Onion, Rochester NY, September 28, 1977.

Brand X are one of the great puzzles of all time. Despite mixing a sizzling combination of peerless musicianship and cracking tunes, they never quite broke out of the jazz/rock box into mainstream success. This will always remain a mystery. Have a listen to this incandescent set recorded live in Rochester 1977 and you will experience the mystery and mastery.


  1. Disco Suicide
  2. Earth Dance
  3. Malaga Virgen
  4. Access To Data
  5. Why Should I Lend You Mine If You’ve Broken Yours Off Already?
  6. Deadly Nightshade
  7. Nightmare Patrol
  8. Nuclear Burn

Format: CD
Artist: Brand X
Cat. No.: HST355CD