Cosmograf "When Age Has Done It's Duty" 2 LP Vinyl

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Cosmograf – When Age Has Done Its Duty (2018 Remix Edition) (Vinyl)
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When Age has Done Its Duty returns for 2018 remixed and mastered by Robin Armstrong.

“It’s considered by many to be a seminal work in the Cosmograf catalogue, so rather than just re-issuing it I thought it would be better to completely remix and master it and address some of the issues that were less than perfect on the original recording.”, says Robin Armstrong. “Many of the original guitar, bass and vocal parts have been re-recorded, new string arrangements added, and a more dynamic low volume level master produced. I’m really pleased with how it’s now sounding”.

When Age has Done Its Duty is a critically acclaimed 8 track concept album centering around the theme of ageing against the background of personal experiences growing up. The album features a number of special guests from the progressive rock community including Bob Dalton ( It Bites ), Steve Thorne, Simon Rogers ( Also Eden ), Steve Dunn ( Also Eden ), Huw Lloyd-Jones (Unto Us), Lee Abraham ( The Lee Abraham Band ), Luke Machin ( The Tangent ) and Dave Ware. WAHDID was released on the Festival Music label in September 2011 by F2 Records Ltd.

“There’s no doubting the individuality or creativity of what he achieves. You hear motifs that bring to mind so many of the pioneering giants. But he also has a firm grasp on how to combine finesse and power in a modern idiom. With It Bites drummer Bob Dalton involved, this is an album to savour.”   – Classic Rock Magazine

Side 1:

  1. Into This World
  2. Blacksmith’s Hammer

Side 2:

  1. On Which We Stand
  2. Bakelite Switch

Side 3:

  1. Memory Lost
  2. When Age Has Done Its Duty

Side 4:

  1. White Light Awaits
  2. Dog On The Clee
  3. WAHDID – Electronic Remix


Format: Double Vinyl
Artist: Cosmograf
Release Date: January 26, 2018