The Cyberiam "Live in The Cyberiam" Blu-Ray

The Cyberiam

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The Cyberiam filmed live at the Copley Theater in Aurora, IL on November 16, 2018.

“The production values are excellent for an independent release … embellished with some very imaginative post-prod multimedia visuals – slick editing, and a clear mix” – Prog Magazine

“High, soulful voice … tasteful lead guitar … drumming is articulate and constantly engaging with the musical landscape … thick bass lines lend drive and weight … piano melody leaves touch of melancholy … American neo-prog to watch out for” – Prog Magazine

“This is an exciting young band that gives me hope for a new generation of progressive rock. I am thinking very optimistically about progrock’s future” –

Brian Kovacs – Electric & Upright Bass, Vocals
Frank Lucas – Piano & Keyboards
Tommy Murray – Drums & Electronic Drums
Keith Semple – Vocals, Guitars, Additional Programming and Loops


  1. Juxtaposer
  2. Cool Kids
  3. Alice In Afterland
  4. The Fall
  5. 2020 Visionary
  6. Nostalgia
  7. The Historian
  8. My Occupation
  9. Brain In A Vat
  10. Don’t Blink

Bonus Material:

“Cool Kids” Official Music Video
“The Fall” Official Music Video
Parts 1&2 of the Butterfly Effect Video

Format: Blu-Ray
Artist: The Cyberiam
Release Date: 10.11.2019
Cat. No.: n.a.