The Cyberiam "All-In" Package

The Cyberiam

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The Cyberiam :All-In" Package includes:

The Cyberiam CD (2018)
The Butterfly Effect EP CD (2019)
Live in the Cyberiam Blu-Ray (2019)
Forging Nations LIVE! CD (2020)
Connected CD & Companion Booklet (2021)
Sorry folks. No more butterfly pins.

The Cyberiam (CD)

The self-titled debut album from the Chicago-based band, The Cyberiam.

“They have a great balance between the mellower and more metallic, the retro and the modern. There isn’t a weak track here, and it never feels tired or repetitive. The field is beginning to get crowded, but this will be a contender for my best of 2018 list of ten releases. It’s that good.” ~ Music Street Journal Review

The Butterfly Effect (EP)

The Butterfly Effect is The Cyberiam’s second studio effort - 21 minute and 12 second song (2112 - did you get the reference - prog fans will surely hear the nod to the Canadian trio that inspired at least one member of The Cyberiam to become a musician).

This EP contains the prog epic by the same name. Divided into five sections, this is one of those lengthy, multi-faceted pieces that prog fans long for and this one from a modern band with a modern touch - melodic, hard rocking and very prog.

Live in the Cyberiam (Blu-Ray)

The Cyberiam filmed live at the Copley Theater in Aurora, IL on November 16, 2018.

“The production values are excellent for an independent release … embellished with some very imaginative post-prod multimedia visuals – slick editing, and a clear mix" ~ Prog Magazine

Forging Nations LIVE! (CD)

This concert recording captures the band’s captivating set during ProgStock Festival at Rahway NJ’s Union County Performing Arts Center on October 13, 2019.


Connected (CD & Companion Booklet)

Clocking in at over 72 minutes, the band's second full length album contains nine tracks written by band members over a two-year span and recorded during the COVID-19 pandemic at Sempleton Studios and Summer Home Studios. As with the band’s previous releases, mixing was done by Keith Semple, mastering by prog legend Andy Van Dette, and artwork by Brian Kovacs.

"Connected is a stellar accomplishment from start to finish. More fluid, meaningful, and confident than its predecessors—which were also superb, don’t get me wrong—it finds The Cyberiam honing their skills in every way to prove once and for all that they’re a force to be reckoned with in the genre. In fact, the LP is more rewarding and endearing than the latest work by many of the quartet’s most legendary stylistic siblings. It’s truly outstanding."