After Crying "De Profundis" CD

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After Crying – De Profundis (CD)

De Profundis is the 4th album from the Hungarian band After Crying.

“If you can find this particular recording by the Hungarian chamber-art rock sextet After Crying, do yourself a huge favour and pick it up. This album is nothing less than spectacular high art and is one of those works that requires repeated listens to fully appreciate. It relies more on subtle dissonances and quirky mood swings than tour-de-force, in-your-face theatrics...and as a result, After Crying's De Profundis goes down in art/prog-rock history as a classic, in turn establishing the band's reputation alongside legendary Hungarian ensembles like Omega and Solaris...” ~ Gregory Kampf/Amazon


  • Gabor Egervari – Vocals, Flute
  • Laszlo Gacs – Drums and Percussion
  • Tamas Gorgenyi – Vocals
  • Peter Pejtsik – Cello, Bass and Vocals
  • Ferenc Torma – Guitar, Synthesizer and Vocals
  • Balazs Winkler – Keyboards, Trumpet and Vocals


  • Bevezetes
  • Modern Idok
  • Az Ustokos
  • Stalker
  • Stonehenge
  • Kulvarosi Ej
  • Manok Tanca
  • Kifulladasig
  • De Profundis
    • Eras …
    • Non Est Via
    • “Jecisti me in profund …”
    • Ego sum via, veritas et vita
  • Jonas Imaja
  • Elveszett Varos
  • Kisvasut
  • Eskuszegok
  • 40 Masodperc
  • A Vilag Vegen


Format: CD
Artist: After Crying
Release Date: 1996
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