Big Big Train "English Electric Part One" 2 LP Vinyl

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Big Big Train – English Electric Part 1 (2 LP Vinyl)
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“English Electric Part One” takes the listener on a journey through the English landscape, from the mining towns of the north to the chalk hills of the south. Along the way, tales are told of inland navigators, art-forgers, miners and men of industry; stories of people who dream of the daylight, but are given up to the depths.

English Electric is a celebration of the people that work on, and under, the land and who made the hedges and the fields, the docks, the towns and the cities.

‘Tell me do you know the song of the Hedgerow?’

This vinyl version includes two bonus tracks not on the original album release, “Seen Better Days” and “East Coast Racer – Live”.


Side 1:

  1. The First Rebreather
  2. Uncle Jack
  3. Winchester from St. Giles’ Hill

Side 2:

  1. Judas Unrepentant
  2. Upton Heath
  3. A Boy in Darkness

Side 3:

  1. Summoned by Bells
  2. Hedgerow

Side 4:

  1. Seen Better Days (The Brass Band’s final piece)
  2. East Coast Racer (Live at Kings Place, London, August 2013)

Format: 2 LP Vinyl 
Artist: Big Big Train
Release Date: 2013/2019
Cat. No.: PLG078