Big Big Train "The Underfall Yard" 3LP Coloured Vinyl Remaster

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Big Big Train – The Underfall Yard 3LP Remaster on Cherry Cola Vinyl
This is a Plane Groovy Release

This is the first ever vinyl release of Big Big Train’s 2009 breakthrough album.

This edition is a 3LP version on cherry cola vinyl, remixed and remastered in 2020 by Rob Aubrey. The first two LPs are the original album, with the 3rd LP containing 48 minutes of material, including a 2020 re-recording of the album’s epic title track. In addition, it contains the “Songs from The Shoreline” suite that was intended for the original album release. For this re-issue, the band has re-recorded Victorian Brickwork in combination with Fat Billy Shouts Mine. (This last part has, to date, only been available on the Far Skies, Deep Time EP)

The final track is the newly composed “Brew and Burgh”, which has been specifically written as a companion piece for the re-issue of the album.

New artwork has been added by original album artist, Jim Trainer.

Track Listing:

Side A:

  1. Evening Star
  2. Master James Of St. George

Side B:

  1. Victorian Brickwork

Side C:

  1. Last Train
  2. Winchester Diver

Side D:

  1. The Underfall Yard

Side E:

  1. Prelude to The Underfall Yard (2020 Version)
  2. The Underfall Yard (2020 Version)

Side F:

  1. Songs from The Shoreline
  2. Victorian Brickwork (2020 Version)
  3. Fat Billy Shouts Mine
  4. Brew And Burgh


    Format: 3LP Black Vinyl
    Artist: Big Big Train
    Release Date: April 9, 2021
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