Cosmograf "The Unreasonable Silence" CD

Gravity Dream

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Cosmograf "The Unreasonable Silence" (CD)
A Gravity Dream Music Release

Cosmograf’s fifth release is an existential concept album with an alien theme, based on the essay ‘The Myth of Sisyphus’ by the French philosopher Albert Camus.

“It’s essentially a more modern re-telling of Camus’s writings about mankind’s struggle to understand the universe and our role within it”, says the concept’s creator Robin Armstrong. “Camus described man standing face to face with the irrational, longing for happiness and reason which leads to a confrontation between the human need and the unreasonable silence of the world.” 

Between our quest for knowledge and refusal of the world to give up its secrets, lies the concept of absurdism. In his original essay, Camus describes Sisyphus, a mythological character condemned to a pointless labor, to illustrate the absurdity of human existence. Robin Armstrong twists the story to portray a modern character that has become disillusioned with his own life to the point that he believes his destiny may reside in another world. As with previous Cosmograf albums, the concept is played out with a very cinematic feel and explores the themes of paranoia, social withdrawal and conformity, and ultimately the search for meaning in our own existence.


  • Nick D’Virgilio – Drums on all tracks except RGB
  • Nick Beggs – Bass on Four Wall Euphoria
  • Dave Meros – Bass on Arcade Machine
  • Rachael Hawnt – Vocals on The Unreasonable Silence, Four Wall Euphoria and Relativity
  • Robin Armstrong – Vocals, All other instruments


  1. Echo $abduction;
  2. This Film Might Change Your Life
  3. Plastic Men
  4. Arcade Machine
  5. Four Wall Euphoria
  6. RGB
  7. The Uniform Road
  8. The Silent Field
  9. Relativity
  10. The Unreasonable Silence

Format: CD
Artist: Cosmograf
Release Date: June 13, 2016
Cat. No.: COS06