Downes Braide Association "Pictures of You" Vinyl

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Downes Braide Association – Pictures Of You (Vinyl)
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DBA is the musical collaboration between the legendary Geoff Downes and Chris Braide who joined forces as the result of their close friendship and passion for music. DBA is a labour of love for both Downes and Braide and together they form a unique combination.  They have produced four critically acclaimed studio albums and one live album with Halcyon Hymns due for release early 2021.

“ASIA aficionados will find many a familiar formula on DBA’s debut, first of all on “The Superfortress”, the nine pieces on offer have a dance air about them – not as elusively light as Geoff’s solo records and not as attention-seeking as Chris’ chart-stealers, with 13-minute opener “Sunday News Suite”, which pitches a catchy beat onto new age passages and bleeds into other tracks, a perfect combination of both masters’ styles.” ~

This debut concept album chronicling a fan's view of the decline of his idol is a limited 180gm vinyl version with lyric insert.


Side One:

  1. Sunday News Suite
  2. Sunday News
  3. Islands
  4. Goodbye Johnny
  5. Anywhere
  6. The Radiant Children

Side Two:

  1. The Superfortress
  2. Pictures Of You
  3. Songs That Can Heal
  4. Ride The Waves
  5. Live For The Moment


Format: Vinyl
Artist: Downes Braide Association
Release Date:
Cat. No.: PLG040