Echolyn "I Heard You Listening" Double Vinyl

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Echolyn – I Heard You Listening (Double Vinyl)
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Strongly influenced by Gentle Giant, this outstanding American band has enough musicianship to deliver original, powerful, intricate, yet beautiful prog rock. The music is full of details, either in strong passages or in the quietest acoustic moods.

This 180g double vinyl from 24-bit, 96 kHz audio is the band’s 8th offering and still features the band's original line-up.

“Echolyn consists of five musicians that focus on gorgeous melodies, complemented by thoughtful music and lyrics. The music twists and turns covering a wide sonic scope. Vocalist Ray Weston has the uncanny ability to convey anger, hope, and sadness in his delivery; he is one of the most emotive singers I have ever heard. But the bands secret weapon are the lush vocal harmonies flowing throughout each song.” ~ Eric L. Porter


Side One:

  1. Messenger Of All’s Right
  2. Warjazz

Side Two:

  1. Empyrean Views
  2. Different Days

Side Three:

  1. Carried Home
  2. Once I Get Mine
  3. Sound Of Bees

Side Four:

  1. All This Time We’re Given
  2. Vanishing Sun


Format: Vinyl
Artist: Echolyn
Release Date:
Cat. No.: PLG037