Kscope – Volume 6 CD Sampler

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Kscope – Volume 6 Sampler (CD)

Over the last decade, a growing movement of bands have started to reclaim and reinvent aspects of the pioneering Progressive, Post-Punk and Post-Rock genres, re-establishing a desire to experiment with eclectic musical sources and cutting edge sonic possibilities.

Kscope was created in 2008 to provide a home for this evolving and adventurous style of music without boundaries.

The selection of tracks on Volume 6 showcases the ongoing vitality and diversity of Kscope’s “post-progressive” philosophy.


  1. Gavin Harrison – Hatesong/Halo
  2. Sweet Billy Pilgrim – Coloma Blues
  3. The Receiver – Transit
  4. Nordic Giants – Violent Lights
  5. Iamthemorning – Os Lunatum
  6. Lunatic Soul – Cold
  7. North Atlantic Oscillation – August
  8. The Pineapple Thief – Simple As That
  9. Engineers – Fight Or Flight
  10. Se Delan – Chasing Changes
  11. Gazpacho – The Wizard Of Altai Mountains
  12. Anathema – The Lost Song (Part 3)
  13. Steven Wilson – The Day Before You Came

Format: CD
Artist: Kscope
Release Date: 2015
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