Lana Lane "Best of Lana Lane 1995-1999" CD

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Lana Lane "Best of Lana Lane 1995-1999" CD (1999)


This compilation, originally released in Japan, contains music from a period in the beginning of Lana’s career where she released an avalanche of albums. These are some of the best songs from that period, giving the listener a great look into what is essential Lana Lane. Many might know Lana from her work with husband Erik Norlander in Rocket Scientists or her appearance on several Ayreon albums, but her solo work is even stronger. Give it a listen.

Track Listing:
    • Symphony of Angels
    • Love is an Illusion
    • Escher's Staircase
    • Seasons
    • Under the Olive Tree
    • Avalon
    • Rainbow's End
    • Season's End
    • Through the Fire
    • When Time Stood Still
    • Destination Roswell
    • In the Court of the Crimson King