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Opeth – Ghost Reveries (CD)

The eighth full-length album “Ghost Reveries” by Swedish heavy metal band Opeth is the epitome of what metal should be: a work of art. The album is filled with heavy, intricate, and precisely performed guitar riffs. You can't avoid the monstrous riffs in a song like "The Grand Conjuration". 

As the band's main composer, Mikael Åkerfeldt successfully managed to transfer his dark emotions into all those twisted solos, surrounded then by a wall of even thicker riffs. He's blending classical clean harmonies with guttural growls. Opeth's technical capacity marks them out from both their followers and their peers and accordingly Ghost Reveries is definitely one of the greatest metal albums ever recorded. This album is a culmination of everything Opeth has worked toward throughout their career. It's fully realized, stunningly beautiful, and emotionally fragmented.

Mikael Akerfeldt – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Mellotron
Peter Lindgren – Lead Guitar
Martin Mendez – Bass
Per Wiberg – Hammond Organ, Mellotron, Grand Piano, Moog
Martin Lopez – Drums, Percussion


  1. Ghost of Perdition
  2. The Baying of the Hounds
  3. Beneath the Mire
  4. Atonement
  5. Reverie/Harlequin Forest
  6. Hours of Wealth
  7. The Grand Conjuration
  8. Isolation Years

Format: CD
Artist: Opeth
Release Date: August 29, 2005