Solstice "Prophecy" 2 LP Vinyl

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Solstice "Prophecy" (2 LP Vinyl)
This is a Plane Groovy release.

Comprising five long-form compositions and three Steven Wilson mixes of early Solstice classics, Prophecy - from 2013 - is arguably the strongest ever release from the 1980s' Neo Prog legends.

This 2021 Plane Groovy double LP edition is limited to 300 copies only. Each album comes with a booklet, featuring the Barry Kitson artwork, which was especially commissioned for this release.

Way back in the early days of Solstice, a cornerstone of the live set was the multi-part epic, ‘Journey’ (later recorded on New Life). In some ways, the Prophecy album can be seen as its successor: five distinct tracks which, nonetheless, link together into a seamless narrative. Taking its theme from the Cree prophecy of the Rainbow Warrior, the album addresses contemporary issues through the lens of hope that has always set the band apart from the majority of their more pessimistic contemporaries. It is a story of man-made ecological disaster, but of ultimate redemption.

Musically, whilst instantly recognisable as Solstice and, as always, expressing the vision of Andy Glass, it is the most integrated band album to date, reflecting the stability of line-up over recent years. Steven McDaniel’s keyboards, in particular, occupy a much more prominent place in the melodic structure, whilst Robin Phillips’ bass and Pete Hemsley’s drums lock together perfectly throughout the rhythmical complexities. Even the vocals are shared out more, with Andy and Steven adding harmonies to Emma Brown’s captivating singing.

From the mellow textures of ‘Eyes of Fire’ to the Yes-like chaos of ‘Warriors’ and all the colours and textures in between – often within the same track – the album is a triumphant achievement in terms of both conception and execution.

If all this isn’t enough – and, believe me, it is – there is the added bonus of three Silent Dance tracks that have been given the Steven Wilson remix treatment. The 8-track source material has inevitable limitations, but the man who has recently done such an excellent job on items from the Hawkwind and Jethro Tull back catalogues has managed to work magic, presenting the strongest, clearest versions of the tracks to date.

Side 1:

  1. Eyes of Fire
  2. Keepers of The Truth

Side 2:

  1. Warriors

Side 3:

  1. West Wind
  2. Black Water

Side 4:

  1. Find Yourself
  2. Return of Spring
  3. Earthsong

Format: 2 LP Black Vinyl
Artist: Solstice
Release Date: 2021 (Originally released October 2013)