"Sometimes God Hides: The Young Persons' Guide To Discipline" CD

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Sometimes God Hides: The Young Persons' Guide To Discipline (CD)

Track Listing:

  • King Crimson "Cage"
  • King Crimson "Red"
  • Adrian Belew "Burned By The Fire We Make"
  • California Guitar Trio "Sleepwalk"
  • Tony Levin "Mingled Roots"
  • Robert Fripp "Midnight Blue"
  • Robert Fripp String Quartet "Hope"
  • King Crimson "THRaKaTTaK I"
  • Robert Fripp "Radiophonic II"
  • Los Gauchos Alemanes "Voices Of Ancient Children:
  • Peter Hammill "A Better Time (Acapella)"
  • Robert Fripp "2006"
  • California Guitar Trio "Train To Lamy Suite"
  • Ten Seconds "The Last Three Minutes"
  • Trey Gunn "The Third Star"
  • Europa String Choir "Sermon On The Mount"
  • Gitbox "Be Longing"
  • Robert Fripp "Scanning II"
  • The League of Gentlemen "Inductive Resonance"
  • Trey Gunn "Real Life"
  • Robert Fripp & The League Of Crafty Guitarists "A Connecticut Yankee On The Court of King Arthur"
  • King Crimson "Epitaph"
  • Robert Fripp "Sometimes God Hides"