The Cyberiam "Connected" CD & Companion Booklet

The Cyberiam

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The Cyberiam "Connected" CD & Companion Booklet (2021)

Clocking in at over 72 minutes, The Cyberiam's second full length album features nine tracks written by band members over a two-year span and recorded during the COVID-19 pandemic at Sempleton Studios and Summer Home Studios. As with the band’s previous releases, mixing was done by Keith Semple, and mastering by prog legend Andy Van Dette, and artwork by Brian Kovacs.

The band have said this about Connected. “The loudest lesson that we’ve learned over the last year and a half is the importance of human connection. We all want to be connected. You, us, our communities, the places we live, the music… We’re connected. This album talks about connection, feeling disconnected, connecting the dots, and our connection to you.”

Most people are now listening to music via streaming or download and do not actually own physical media. Music aficionados still want to have a physical representation of the album to which they are listening – harkening back to a time when fans could listen to music together, read along with the lyrics, check out the liner notes, and not have to squint to read them!

Cognizant of this, The Cyberiam are releasing Connected with a special option. Not only is the album available with streaming, digital download, and CD options, but it is also presented in a large 12”x12” booklet that that contains lyrics, credits, and pictures fans can keep with their record collections or display on their walls.

"Connected is a stellar accomplishment from start to finish. More fluid, meaningful, and confident than its predecessors—which were also superb, don’t get me wrong—it finds The Cyberiam honing their skills in every way to prove once and for all that they’re a force to be reckoned with in the genre. In fact, the LP is more rewarding and endearing than the latest work by many of the quartet’s most legendary stylistic siblings. It’s truly outstanding." ~ Rebel Noise

"Chicago quartet in truly fine mettle, conjuring an intoxicating, easy-to-imbibe cocktail of Porcupine Tree's attack, the melodic energy of Rush and Umphrey's McGee groove The adroit playing is grand without being overly glitzy

Keith Semple – Vocals, Guitars, and Misc. Sound FX
Brian Kovacs – Vocals, Bass, and Misc. Sound FX
Frank Lucas - Keyboards and Vocals
Tommy Murray - Drums and Vocals


  1. Interrogation Room B
  2. The Moral Landscape
  3. Wakeup Call
  4. Sunset on Mars
  5. In SaN1tY
  6. Be Connected
  7. Wilde Things
  8. Miles Away
  9. Bigger Questions

Format: CD
Artist: The Cyberiam
Release Date: 08.06.2021
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