The Pursuit of Happiness "Where's The Bone" CD

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The Pursuit of Happiness – Where’s the Bone (CD)

The fourth album by Canadian college rockers, continues where the others left off, great rock from Moe Berg & Company. This one may not have had the biggest hits, but it does contains the hockey epic “Gretsky Rocks”!


Moe Berg – Guitar, Vocals
Kris Abbott – Vocals, Guitar
Brad Barker – Bass
Dave Gilby – Drums
Jennifer Foster - Vocals



  1. Kalendar
  2. Save The Whales
  3. Glamorous Death
  4. White Man
  5. I Should Know
  6. Completely Conspicuous
  7. Ritual
  8. Young and In Love
  9. Gretzky Rocks
  10. No Reason
  11. Bamboo
  12. Falling In
  13. Blowing Bubbles


Format: CD
Artist: The Pursuit of Happiness
Release Date: 1995
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