Tiger Moth Tales "Story Tellers Parts One & Two" 2LP Vinyl

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Tiger Moth Tales - Story Tellers Parts One & Two (2 LP Vinyl)

This is a Plane Groovy Release is extra special. Unique to vinyl, this release combines Story Tellers Part Two - the 2018 album by Camel's Pete Jones - along with 2015's Part One in a limited-edition double LP package (300 copies globally).  

Favorite childhood stories are reimagined and set to music in Pete's distinctive and charming pastoral Progressive style.  


Side A:

  1. Toad of Toad Hall
  2. Hundred Acre Wood
  3. The Boy Who Cried Wolf
  4. Three Little Pigs
  5. Match Girl

Side B:

  1. Best Friends
  2. Kai’s Journey
  3. Eternity
  4. The Palace
  5. Best Friends Reprise

Side C:

  1. Beauty Falls
  2. Story Tellers
  3. Beauty Sleeps
  4. A Kids Tale

Side D:

  1. The Quest for Beauty
  2. The Piper
  3. Beauty Awakes


Format: 2LP Black Vinyl
Artist: Tiger Moth Tales
Release Date: 2018
Cat. No.: PLG072