Dave Foster Band

The rock/pop act Dave Foster Band (DFB) was founded in 2017, but actually has its origins in earlier collaborations between acclaimed guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Dave Foster and vocalist Dinet Poortman after they were introduced by a mutual friend, guitarist Steve Rothery of Marillion. Both had been members of previous groups that separately supported the prog behemoths, while Foster plays guitar in the Steve Rothery Band. He has also been a member of another leading UK prog act, Big Big Train, since 2020.

Given that Foster is based in the UK and Poortman the Netherlands, their first tentative steps were an experiment to see if they could work together effectively, but a number of co-written songs that appeared on Foster’s solo albums ‘Gravity’ (2011) and ‘Dreamless’ (2016) were solid proof that they had musical chemistry. Having formed DFB, they supported both Rothery and Marillion on European/UK tours while working on their debut album, ‘Nocebo’, which was released in 2019 and promoted with headlining dates throughout western Europe.