Glass Hammer "Perilous" Vinyl

Glass Hammer

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Glass Hammer - Perilous (Vinyl)

This numbered, double heavyweight vinyl release of Glass Hammer’s 13th studio album comes in a gatefold sleeve. This is concept album is the last with Jon Davidson as a full-time singer before becoming YES’ vocalist.

Perilous is a like an exciting yet ominous musical journey, one that you'll want to take over and over again. If Glass Hammer's intention was to get their fans to give some extra thought about what life and death is all about, taking this little 'perilous' ride might certainly do just that. Either way, this is another gem from a band that just keeps delivering one winner after another, and easily one of 2012's best progressive rock releases.” ~ Sea of Tranquility


Side One:

  1. The Sunset Gate
  2. Beyond They Dwell
  3. The Restless Ones
  4. They Cast Their Spell

Side Two:

  1. We Slept, We Dreamed
  2. The Years Were Sped
  3. Our Foe Revealed

Side Three:

  1. Toward Home We Fled
  2. As The Sun Dipped Low
  3. The Wolf Gave Chase
  4. We Fell At Last
  5. In That Lonely Place

Side Four:

  1. Where Sorrows Died And Came No More
  2. Dancers In Twilight
  3. And Then She Sighed
  4. A Grain Of Sand


Format: Vinyl
Artist: Glass Hammer
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Cat. No.: PLG009