Heaven 17 "Higher and Higher: The Best of" Cassette

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Heaven 17 - Higher and Higher: The Best of (Cassette)


Side A:

  1. Temptation (Brothers In Rhythm Remix)
  2. (We Don’t Need This) Fascist Groove Thang (Rapino Edit)
  3. Let Me Go
  4. Come Live With Me
  5. This Is Mine
  6. I’m Your Money
  7. Play To Win
  8. And That’s No Lie

Side B:

  1. Contenders
  2. We Live So Fast
  3. Sunset Now
  4. Trouble
  5. Height Of The Fighting (He-La-Hu)
  6. Penthouse And Pavement
  7. Crushed By The Wheels Of Industry
  8. (We Don’t Need This) Fascists Groove Thang (Original Version)
  9. Temptation (Original Version)