Steve Rothery "Postcards from the Road" Autographed Book

Steve Rothery

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Steve Rothery – Postcards From The Road (Autographed Book)

While Steve Rothery may be best known as Marillion’s founding member and guitarist, he has also become known as an avid photographer. Postcards from the Road (Volume 1) is Rothery’s first book of photography. This weighty 12” x 12” hard cover book contains more than 400 photos, some in color and some in black and white, spread across 180 glossy pages, from the very early days of Marillion to 1993.

Through two lead singers and numerous early line-ups, this book presents, in pictures, how the band evolved and gives visual insight into the life of a musician constantly on the road. It shows how the band grew and came together as friends, how fame changed things along the way, and how the band regrouped and set out on a new adventure when one part of their history came to an end.

The pictures are accompanied by Steve’s own words describing the images. They take us on a journey from his early days, moving to Whitby with his mom and sister, buying his first guitar, playing in his first band, moving to Long Marston to join Silmarillion and whatever followed from there. It is all here in pictures.

Pete Trewavas and Ian Mosley look as if they have never changed - still looking much the same today. Mark Kelly had hair and lots of it. Steve Hogarth looked like he could have been a member of Duran Duran - so young when he first joined. Then, there is the photographer himself - calm as always, looking as if in deep thought and yet, in his words, you know there is much more than meets the eye. For a Marillion fan this book is a must have, a rare insight by one of the band members in his own words and pictures, telling the story and showing how the journey began. The book is marked Volume 1. Hopefully, Volume 2 will be ready to share soon.

Please note that, while you can find this book in other places, we are the only shop that has specially autographed copies from "God" himself.

Format: Book
Artist: Steve Rothery
Release Date: July 2016