Unitopia "The Garden" (Limited Edition) 3LP Vinyl


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Unitopia – The Garden (Limited Edition 3 LP Vinyl)
This is a Plane Groovy release.

This remastered version of Unitopia's 1998 second album is a limited run of just 300 copies in green triple vinyl in a triple-gatefold sleeve with signed insert and two bonus tracks.

“Conceptually the album is a flight through time and space starting with the imaginings of the central point of reference in the 'garden' where the prologue and title track use a mixture of instrumentation and natural sound effects to set the scene for the mental flight of fancy.” ~ Sea of Tranquility

“Refreshingly all over the map and executed almost to a fault musically, this is a certainly one of the better albums to come out of the post-80's neo. prog world. Truack's vocals are intriguing in a Gabriel-esque way, the jazzy instrumentation interlaced with more symphonic elements provides a nice textural complement and the songs themselves are rather memorable.” ~ Rate Your Music


Side One:

  1. The Garden

Side Two:

  1. One Day
  2. Journeys Friend

Side Three:

  1. Angeliqua
  2. Here I am
  3. Amelia’s Dream
  4. I Wish I Can Fly

Side Four:

  1. Give And Take
  2. When I’m Down
  3. This Life
  4. Love Never Ends

Side Five:

  1. So Far Away
  2. Don’t Give Up Love
  3. 321
  4. Inside The Power

Side Six – Extras:

  1. Tears From The Garden
  2. The Garden (Live at RoSFest 2017)



Format: Vinyl
Artist: Unitopia
Release Date:
Cat. No.: PLG089