Poor Genetic Material

“Poor Genetic Material are a symphonic prog band with their very own, unique style of complex, sophisticated, richly textured, yet, accessible compositions.“

Poor Genetic Material was founded by guitarist Stefan Glomb and keyboardist Philipp
Jaehne, initially producing instrumental music for soundtracks and theatre productions. In 2001 they met and teamed up with Alias Eye singer Philip Griffiths (son of the legendary Beggars Opera singer Martin Griffiths) and soon earned a reputation as one of Germany’s
best progressive rock bands. Their music is often described as a unique blend of complexity
and accessibility.

The current line-up with Phil Griffiths, Stefan Glomb, Philipp Jaehne, bass player Dennis
Sturm, drummer Dominik Steinbacher and flutist Pia Darmstaedter has played and
recorded together since the Shakespeare inspired album “Island Noises“ from 2011. They
are joined by Phil’s father Martin, who contributes lead vocals on a couple of tracks on
each album. With Martin’s voice still as powerful as in his Beggars Opera heyday and Phil’s
ear for melodies and vocal arrangements Poor Genetic Material’s duo of lead singers has
become the instantly recognizable trademark of the band. It is contrasted by atmospheric,
instrumental passages that are a reminder of the band’s origin in soundtrack-like music.
Since 2023 Phil Griffiths, Stefan Glomb and Philipp Jaehne are also recording as a trio to
bridge the gap between albums by the full band.