Lazuli "La Fantastique Envol De Dieter Bohm" LP


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Lazuli – La Fantastique Envol De Dieter Bohm (LP)

“La fantastique envol de Dieter Bohm” is the ninth album by Lazuli.

The album is an allegorical fable and is a special tribute to all their loyal fans. It is dedicated to Dieter Böhm, a German fan who travels everywhere across Europe to see them play live. 

The concept of the album tells how a musician plants a note on a desert island, which then grows into a melody and finally a song. Then, like a message in a bottle, it is cast out to the waves to find a listener, the recipient in this instance, being Dieter, who then merges into the sound.

Singer Domi Leonetti explains “This album is a thank you gift to all our listeners, inspired by the faces we see in front of us at concerts”.

“The confidence displayed on this album is wonderful, and Lazuli have clearly moved to the next level. In troubled times we could all do with music of this quality to take us to somewhere better.” – The Progressive Aspect


Side A:


  1. Sol

Act 1:

  1. Les Chansons Sont Des Bouteilles A La Mer
  2. Mers Lacrymales

Act 2:

  1. Dieter Bohm

Side B:

  1. Baume

Act 3:

  1. Un Visage Lunaire

Act 4:

  1. L’Envol
  2. L’Homme Volant


  1. Dans Les Mains De Dieter

Format: Vinyl
Artist: Lazuli
Release Date: 2020