Founded in late 2010, after 2 albums, the 4 former members of pop/rock band “Gabria” –Denis Strassburg (bass), guitar player Ralf Dietsch (Ex –Hidden Timbre), keyboardist / saxophonist Marek Arnold (Toxic Smile, Seven Steps to the Green Door, Flaming Row, UPF, DAMANEK, Ex-Stern Combo Meissen), and Clemens Litschko (drums) – started new project, with singer Larry B. (Toxic Smile, Ex-Stern-Combo Meissen). In 2015, Manuel Schmid (Stern-Combo Meissen) joined as second singer. In 2023 Ulf Reinhardt, (Seven Steps to the Green Door) joined as new drummer.

Debut concept album Gone Through Years was released in April 2013. Thematically, this album is based on The Time Machine by H.G. Wells. Musically, it features great melodies and vocal arrangements. The music works with some “additional” progressive time signatures and harmonic structures. It is clearly focused on the “songs”.

Second album Paralyzed (2016) again shows the core skills of the band - melodic prog / rock songs with an eye on real songwriting and arrangements, that will guide you into its own atmosphere.

Third album The Way Through was released in 2019. This is a concept album again, lyrics were a story written by Guy Manning. A real exciting musical journey - melodic, catchy!

Fourth album Amenti ́s Coin –The Secret Place Pt. II (2022) is another concept album with lyrics and story written by Guy Manning. This is the second part of the Secret Place story (Pt. I was the long track on Paralyzed. Cyril ́s most varied and exciting album so far!