Mattias Olsson

Born in Hong Kong to Swedish parents, Mattias Olsson he moved to Stockholm in 1981. He started playing drums eight years old, playing in big bands, pop and classical ensembles. 

At 17 he joined Swedish prog rockers, Änglagård. The band quickly became known for their instrumentation skills and their dynamic range often reminiscent of classical music. When the band started, the trend in progressive rock was to use the newest digital equipment. Änglagård decided instead to use old classic prog equipment like the Rickenbacker bass, Minimoog, and Mellotron. He also did some sessions with White Willow and Par Lindh. 

After Änglagård, Mattias began playing with Pineforest Crunch and Reminder. He also wrote music for both film and theatre, as well as becoming a music producer at his studio, Roth Händle Studio, outside Stockholm.

In the ensuing years, he has been involved with a wide variety of bands including AK-Momo, Andreas & Jag, Clockwork, Deadwood Forest, Devi, Doskalle, Ellesmere, Gosta Berlings Saga, In These Murky Waters, Isobar, Jivaya, Molesome, Nanook of the North, Necromonkey, Pixie Ninja, The Devil's Staircase, The Opium Cartel, and more.

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