Jacob Moon

Every artist starts out with heroes.

But not every artist gets asked by their heroes to join them, as artists, on their stage. It’s a compliment that Jacob Moon keeps getting from the musicians who have inspired him since he started as a singer-songwriter out in Hamilton, Ontario. Artists like Rush, Marillion and Gordon Lightfoot have taken a shine to Moon’s renditions of their songs and have lavished him praise and a spotlight on their stage that has gained him international attention.

It is these inventive covers that draws the fans in, but it’s Moon’s original material and his compelling live show that make them pull up a chair. Ron Sexsmith has said: “Jacob Moon is an exceedingly gifted and watchable performer... seems completely at home on stage” and Danny Miranda (bassist for Queen) concurs. “Tremendous command of the instrument... amazing voice. I can honestly say that I am overwhelmed by his music”. 

Jacob Moon is known for his giftedness as a singer, songwriter of award-winning pop and folk songs. He is also a master of the art of ‘live looping’, a performance style where he records what he’s playing in real time and layers sound on sound to make one guitar sound like an orchestra.  

Jacob's 12th album, 'Under a Setting Sun'  was released in March 2022 and marks a return to original songwriting for one of Hamilton's most celebrated artists. Recorded in Winnipeg in August 2021, this 6-song collection is rootsy and based around Jacob's warm baritone and his deft fingerstyle guitar work, with help from slide guitarist phenom Joey Landreth.

Visit www.jacobmoon.com for more details.