Chasing the Monsoon "No Ordinary World" CD

Chasing The Monsoon

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Chasing The Monsoon – No Ordinary World (CD)

Ian Jones is, of course, best known as the main driving force behind neo proggy band Karnataka. This album was started by Ian Jones and named after a book of the same name by Alexander Frater in which the author writes about his life changing experiences following the monsoon across India. The band name also continues Jones’ interest in India, which is where the Karnataka band name came from.

An article on The Progmeister website reads: "The idea behind the project was to do something progressive incorporating strong rhythmic elements, world music and Celtic influence. As well as Ian Jones playing bass, acoustic guitar and programming there are some talented folk on here who were totally unknown to me, though i am pleased to say that they aren’t now. Steve Evans plays some rather tasty keys and some great vocals. Lisa Fury who is definitely a singer I will be keeping an eye on and no stranger to Karnataka fans having loaned her singing talent to the bands The Gathering Light album, and Ian Simmons playing some sumptuous guitar licks. OK, let’s get the obvious comparisons over with and out of the way, shall we? Lovers of Magenta, Karnataka, Mostly Autumn, Rob Reed etc. and all subsidiaries thereof may well fall in love with Chasing The Monsoon. The bloodlines are there so to speak.



  1. Chasing The Monsoon
  2. Circles Of Stone
  3. Dancing In The Afterglow
  4. Dreams
  5. Into The Light
  6. Innocent Child
  7. December Sky
  8. Lament
  9. Love Will Find You
  10. No Ordinary World

Format: CD
Artist: Chasing The Monsoon
Release Date: 2019