Francis Dunnery "Man" Autographed & Numbered Vinyl

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Francis Dunnery - Man (Autographed & Numbered Vinyl)
This is a Plane Groovy Release. 

This is a limited edition audiophile 180gm double vinyl version in a gatefold sleeve that is number and autographed.

Francis Dunnery's 2001 release Man is seen as the most personal work of his fascinating career, with Francis describing the album as, "a collection of songs I wrote during a turbulent period of my life."

Despite its dark subject matter, Man has proved to be one of Dunnery's most successful albums and has dictated much of his subsequent musical path.

Very different from his work with It Bites and Robert Plant, the album blends acoustic instruments (guitars, cellos) with strong melodic vocals and subtle electronic additions.

A collection of accessible and superbly played singer-songwriter reflections on youth, nostalgia and ageing.



Side 1:

  1. I’m In Love
  2. Flower Girl
  3. Me And Franciene
  4. Yonder Mountain

Side 2:

  1. Hold Out Your Heart
  2. Blinded By The Memory
  3. In The Garden Of Mystic Lovers

Side 3:

  1. Wounding And Healing
  2. The Ava Song
  3. The Only Thing

Side 4:

  1. Hometown
  2. Close My Door


Format: Vinyl
Artist: Francis Dunnery