Unitopia "The Garden" 3CD Remaster


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Unitopia – The Garden (3CD)
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This three-disc set is a remaster of the highly successful second release, The Garden. It also contains a new song, Tears From The Garden, and live recordings of songs from The Garden.

“Conceptually the album is a flight through time and space starting with the imaginings of the central point of reference in the 'garden' where the prologue and title track use a mixture of instrumentation and natural sound effects to set the scene for the mental flight of fancy.” ~ Sea of Tranquility

“Refreshingly all over the map and executed almost to a fault musically, this is a certainly one of the better albums to come out of the post-80's neo. prog world. Truack's vocals are intriguing in a Gabriel-esque way, the jazzy instrumentation interlaced with more symphonic elements provides a nice textural complement and the songs themselves are rather memorable.” ~ Rate Your Music

CD 1: (Original album remastered)

  1. One Day
  2. The Garden
  3. Angeliqua
  4. Here I Am
  5. Amelia’s Dream
  6. I Wish I Could Fly
  7. Inside The Power

CD2: (Original album remastered)

  1. Journey’s Friend
  2. Give And Take
  3. When I’m Down
  4. This Life
  5. Love Never Ends
  6. So Far Away
  7. Don’t Give Up Love
  8. 321

CD3: (Extras)

  1. One Day Live In Europe
  2. The Garden Live USA
  3. I Wish I Could Fly Live USA
  4. Here I Am Live Germany
  5. Angeliqua Live Netherlands
  6. The Garden Live Netherlands
  7. Tears From The Garden (New 2020 recording)

Format: 3CD
Artist: Unitopia
Release Date: December 15, 2020