Cosmograf "Heroic Materials" CD

Gravity Dream

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Cosmograf "Heroic Materials" CD
A Gravity Dream Music Release

This release is in CD Digipak format with a 16-page booklet.

William ‘Billy’ May looks back on his life at the age of 99 and realizes the world has completely changed since he was a young man put into an impossible scenario, defending his country from the air. He no longer recognizes much of the modern world but understands that the human race must live in a different way in the future.

Heroic Materials is an album about change, our refusal to accept it, but also recognizing that it’s essential to our survival.  The story centers on a WWII Spitfire pilot who laments a lost golden era, but reflects that the human race must change its ways in order to preserve our existence on the earth.

Robin Armstrong, is once again joined by drummer, Kyle Fenton, and there is a special guest appearance from ex-Big Big Train keyboard player Danny Manners, who plays piano on the 13 min title track.

Heroic Materials will be released on September 9th on the Gravity Dream Music label and will be available in CD, Deluxe Media book edition, Vinyl and Digital formats.


1. I Recall (2.58)
2. Heroic Materials (13.13)
       i) This Beautiful Machine
       ii) I Just Wanted to Fly
       iii) Close the Door
3. Industry (0.40)
4. British Made (5.42)
5. Mary (2.53)
6. Blinkers (1.39)
7. If Things Don’t Change (7.12)
8. The Same Stupid Mistake (2.41)
9. Regretful Refrain (6.01)
10. A Better World (2.28)

Format: CD-Digipack
Artist: Cosmograf
Release Date: September 9, 2022