Dave Bainbridge "The Remembering" CD

Dave Bainbridge

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Dave Bainbridge – The Remembering (CD)

An evocative and atmospheric first collection of solo piano improvisations: "Bainbridge's style is contemporary, yet imbued with the dynamic spirit of Ravel and Debussy, with a thrilling dash of Bill Evans... an album that's pure class from first note to last" – Prog Magazine

"Ever since studying music, art and art history as teenager I've been fascinated by the French Impressionist movement, both in art and music. The idea of capturing a fleeting scene, a brief moment in time, or a feeling evoked by a place or a person, has resonated with me throughout my musical life. Most people can link powerful memories to a certain piece of music, a picture, an aroma. Even when my mam was unable to remember words or people's names as Alzheimer's took hold, she was still able to remember how to play tunes on her accordion. In a sense, all the pieces on this album are impressions, a brief moment in time interpreted through the medium of music."  - Dave Bainbridge - December 2015


  1. Collendorn Suite Part 1
  2. Collendorn Suite Part 2
  3. Collendorn Suite Part 3
  4. Collendorn Suite Part 4
  5. Collendorn Suite Part 5 (Song For Jack)
  6. Collendorn Suite Part 6
  7. Incarnation
  8. The Remembering
  9. Song For Bill
  10. Like A World, Behind The Song
  11. A View Of The Islands
  12. A Prayer For Beach Head

Format: CD
Artist: Dave Bainbridge
Release Date: 2016