Gabriel Agudo "New Life" CD

Gabriel Agudo

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Gabriel – New Life (CD)

New Life is the solo debut album of singer, songwriter, Gabriel Agudo (Steve Rothery Band / In Continuum). The album featuress Steve Rothery (Marillion), Clive Nolan (Pendragon/Arena), Jan Vincent Velazco (Pendragon), Dave Kerzner (Sound of Contact/In Continuum), Fernando Perdomo (Echo in the Canyon), Christophe Lebled (Jon Anderson), as well as luminaries from the classical music world like Helene Collerette (supreme soloist of Radio France Philharmonic Orchestra) and orchestra director Rene Bosc who is artistic co-producer of the album. 

New Life is Gabriel's spiritual map. It provides the listener with a real chance to explore the deepest regions of his soul, passing through different levels of conscience: Freedom, Karma, Earth, Enlightenment, Love and Universe building bridges between us and finally discovering that we're not so different.


  1. Free As A Bird (Conscience of Freedom)
  2. Karmatic (Conscience of Karma)
  3. Angel’s Call (Conscience of Earth)
  4. New Life (Conscience of Enlightenment)
  5. Awakening
  6. Shining Spark (Conscience of Love)
  7. Free As A Bird (Extended)(Conscience of Universe)
    • Premonition
    • Free As a Bird
    • Reborn

Format: CD
Artist: Gabriel Agudo
Release Date: February 24, 2020