Galahad "Guardian Angel" EP/CD


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Galahad – Guardian Angel EP (CD)

This is Galahad’s second release of 2014, the Guardian Angel EP.

This release contains a stripped-down version of the title track featuring only piano, vocal, acoustic guitar and strings, which shows a more sensitive side to the band.

A Guardian Angel ‘hybrid’ has also been included that contains elements of the original track and parts from Guardian Angel - Reprise melded together to create a more spacious, organic version.

This limited-edition CD EP also contains the original album versions, as well as a piano and vocal version of Beyond the Barbed Wire from the Battle Scars album.


  1. Guardian Angel (Piano Version)
  2. Guardian Angel (Hybrid)
  3. Guardian Angel (Euphoria Version)
  4. Guardian Angel – Reprise (Euphoria Version)
  5. Beyond The Barbed Wire (Piano Version)

Format: CD/EP
Artist: Galahad
Release Date: 2014