Galahad "The Long Goodbye" LP


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Galahad - The Long Goodbye (LP)

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Galahad is back and proud to announce their 12th studio album The Long Goodbye.

This latest opus, the band’s twelfth studio album, was recorded before, during and after the recent Covid emergency. As was the case with the previous album The Last Great Adventurer, was recorded at several locations over the last couple of years by the various band members and was finally edited, mixed and mastered, as ever, by engineer/producer supreme Karl Groom (Threshold/Dragonforce/Pendragon/Arena/Yes etc.).

The album features the same line-up as TLGA - Stu Nicholson (vocals), Dean Baker (keyboards), Spencer Luckman (drums), Lee Abraham (guitars) and Mark Spencer (bass guitar).

As usual, a variety of topics are considered and written about on this album, some very personal, including the title track in which the ageing process and the difficult, tricky subject of early onset dementia is tackled, hopefully with a certain degree of poignancy.


  1. Behind The Veil Of A Smile
  2. Everything’s Changed
  3. Shadow In The Corner
  4. The Righteous And The Damned
  5. The Long Goodbye
  6. Darker Days (Bonus Track)
  7. Open Water (Bonus Track)


Format: Black Vinyl
Artist: Galahad
Release Date: November 23, 2023