Gandalf's Fist "(Re)Master and the Monkey" Red Vinyl

Gandalf's Fist

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Gandalf’s Fist – (Re)Master and the Monkey (Red Vinyl)(NEW/SEALED)

This Plane Groovy release is a limited run (just 300 copies) 180g pressing on a single disc, in a textured cover with info/lyric/pic insert. This comprehensively remastered release has been optimized for vinyl to offer the widest possible dynamic range.  The vinyl release also features a special, secret, extended ending to the LP that is not available on either CD or Digital formats!

“Now before I tell you this story, it quite simply must be made clear; Pierre Du Gateau was not a happy frog” …. and so starts this beautiful story and musical journey.

Medieval space rock wizards, Gandalf’s Fist, celebrate the 10 year anniversary of their debut album with a special edition re-imagining of the entire record, entitled The (Re)Master and the Monkey. 

Awash with swashbuckling acoustics, crunching riffs and soaring synths. What is surely one of the most bizarre and psychedelically allegorical concept albums in living memory has been completely re-worked and re-recorded from the ground up and features brand new narrative elements that bring the release firmly in line with their critically acclaimed “Clockwork” Saga. 

Side A:

  1. A Fool’s Folly
  2. The Master and The Monkey (Part 1)
  3. Seaworm!
  4. Stakes at Low Tide
  5. Momentous Days
  6. The Sirens Kiss

Side B:

  1. Creatures Great/Creatures Small
  2. Maurice The Bat
  3. The Wandering Rocks
  4. The Life and Crime Of Pierre Du Gateau
  5. Croak of Truth
  6. Dance of Umbra
  7. A Trick of The Tongue
  8. Xavier The Troll
  9. All That Glistens …
  10. The Master and The Money (Part 2)


    Format: Red LP Vinyl
    Artist: Gandalf's Fist
    Release Date: 2021
    Cat. No.: PLG087