Heatwaves "Kappa" LP

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Heatwaves - Kappa (LP)
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The name Heatwaves describes the music well - warm waves of delicious music, which give summer vibes even on a chilly November evening. The band, who hails from Bergen, Norway, moves in a landscape of nostalgic indie and beckons slightly to jazz, soul and neo-psychedelia, where beats, chill and coziness are in focus. The philosophy is simple. If it sounds good to you, it becomes a song. Now they are ready to unleash their debut album Kappa. 

In the band, you will find a group of seasoned musicians who you may have seen on stage with artists such as Young Dreams, Miss Tati, John Olav Nilsen & Nordsjøen, Birgitta Alida, Lint, Shaman Elephant, Atari and more.


  1. Squids
  2. Dirty rats
  3. Hercule Poirot
  4. Aladdin Snake Oil
  5. Nugel
  6. Always Talking Shop
  7. Kappa
  8. Mountain Dew
  9. Kawako
  10. In Disguise
  11. River Rascal

Format: Black Vinyl
Artist: Heatwaves
Release Date: June 16, 2023
Cat. No: AP160LP