John Greenwood "Dark Blue" CD

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John Greenwood - Dark Blue (CD)
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The lead guitarist of Unitopia with his first solo album.

‘It is a pleasure for me to write a foreword for this fascinating project. John Greenwood’s album is a feast of lush and varied music covering a wide pallet of sounds and genres with thought provoking lyrics. I recommend it to all curious and adventurous listeners” – Steve Hackett



  1. A Little Piece Of Rosco Vidal
  2. Too Late
  3. Too Late Reprise (introducing The Ocean)
  4. The Ocean
  5. Requiem
  6. Heartless
  7. Inside
  8. Packin’ My Suitcase
  9. The Kiss (Nick Magus Orchestration)
  10. Afterglow
  11. A Proper Song
  12. Packin’ My Suitcase (Retro Mix) (Bonus Track)
  13. The Kiss (John Greenwood Orchestration) (Bonus Tack)

Format: CD
Artist: John Greenwood
Release Date: July 1, 2023