Molesome "Aftonland" CD


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Molesome – Aftonland (CD)

No two Molesome albums sound the same and that remains true for this, the sixth album. Mattias Olsson rarely stands still. He is always looking for new creative ways to express himself, which means constantly evolving. Once he has caught your attention, it is hard to let him go, you simply have to see what this crazy Swede has come up with next.

“The start of the sixth Molesome album “Aftonland” has a very specific time and place … The 9th of January 2021 at my family’s summerhouse on Gallstao just outside of Stockholm. Sitting in front of the fireplace listening to records, no computer screens glaring or mobile phones buzzing and squeaking. I had just released “Are You There?” and felt that I wanted to do something very very different. As “Are You There?” was based around rhythms and sequences, I wanted to make an album that would be more fluid texturally, almost devoid of rhythm and a lot slower. The idea of “Aftonland” was formed right there and then.” – Mattias Olsson/Molesome


  1. The Last Option
  2. Friction
  3. Tremolo
  4. Vox Humana
  5. Fading Joni
  6. Exit


Format: CD
Artist: Molesome
Release Date: August 9, 2021