Molesome "Are You There?" CD


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Molesome – Are You There? (CD)

“This fifth Molesome album is so very different to what has gone before. It’s a concept album, but as with everything Mattias does, all is not what it seems… it’s about “everything you are trying not to pay attention to. The junk in between. The stuff that gets caught in your spam filter.” The detritus of everyday life, rather than widescreen big-picture themes, from “scratched up CDs in the back of your car… soggy takeaway menus on your windshield… the buzzing of your cell phone, an expired gift certificate and that questionable passport photo you didn’t use. The line between the lines.” Are You There? covers a similarly wide variety of textures and tones. Do not expect a homogenous whole that remains in the same zone throughout, this is bigger than that, it goes where the small bits of life go, blending a multitude of strands together to produce a fascinating journey through the unexpected.

It’s a wonderful amalgam of strings, voices, electronics, synths and percussion, atmospheric but with tons of foot-tapping melody, a particularly engaging form of experimentalism, beautifully mixed and presented. With Molesome, Mattias has created a fascinating and mobile world that can go wherever his imagination wants it to, you’re always going to be surprised by the sheer variety of sounds deployed, and the unexpected places they take you as the familiar is moulded into unfamiliar forms … And I love it.” – Jez Rowden – The Progressive Aspect


  1. You & Me (Intro)
  2. Spacestation Funeral
  3. Alphabet
  4. Naturales
  5. Being Kate
  6. Blues Soaked Hope
  7. Spirits
  8. Long Island
  9. The Second Voice
  10. Vernon
  11. Urge
  12. Tim (Original Soundtrack)
  13. Voice
  14. The Supreme
  15. Iceman
  16. Boxes
  17. Sport Bag
  18. Sorrow (Outro)

Format: CD
Artist: Molesome
Release Date: January 9, 2021