Pacha Porsti "Views from the Inner World" CD

Pacha Porsti

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Pacha Porsti – Views From The Inner World (CD)

Kimmo Pörsti‘s last solo album “Past and Present” was released a year ago, so it was time to put together a new one. In the midst of turbulent times, Rafael Pacha sent his new songs to Kimmo to be recorded for Rafael’s solo album. Each would then interact on those projects. The idea came easily - what if we combine our efforts into one project – and do a joint “solo” record?

So, this time it is not a solo album by Kimmo or Rafael, but a “solo album” by Rafael and Kimmo. It’s a very natural continuation because of a very intense collaboration. The Guildmaster was born when Kimmo asked Rafael if he was interested in such a project. Rafael‘s contributions have already been invaluable on Kimmo‘s last albums.

On Views from the Inner World both have allowed their own musical influences to shine. They deliberately distanced themselves a bit from The Guildmaster because this project is closer to Symphonic Prog without so many Folk-influences. 


  • Kimmo Porsti – Drums & Percussion, Keyboards
  • Rafael Pacha – Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Lyre, Mandolin, Viola Da Gamba, Electric Violin


  • Ruben Alvarez – Electric Guitar
  • Marek Arnold – Soprano Saxophone
  • Marco Bernard – Shuker Bass
  • Olli Jaakkola – Flute, Soprano Saxophone
  • Jan-Olof Strandberg – Bass
  • Ariane Valdivie – Vocals
  • John Wilkinson – Vocals


  1. Ventolera Prelude
  2. Watch The Stars
  3. Jubilation
  4. Under A Cloudless Sky
  5. Matkakuume
  6. Leap In The Dark
  7. Shadows Of Lost Memories
  8. The Man Who Walked Home
  9. Ventolera
  10. Alone Against Tomorrow

Format: CD
Artist: Pacha Porsti
Release Date: October 18, 2022