Percy Jones Ensemble "Propeller Music" CD

Percy Jones

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Percy Jones Ensemble – Propeller Music (CD)

Fretless electric bassist Percy Jones has carved out his place in fusion and progressive rock during his longstanding affiliation with the bands Brand X and Tunnels. Furthermore, Jones represents one of the early innovators of the electric bass and, since the mid-'70s, the artist's signature sound and style, along with his enviable chops, has been a treat for fans of progressive rock/jazz-fusion.

On Propeller Music, the bassist, along with funk/fusion/bebop drummer Mike Clark and others, help spearhead a studio session brimming with East Indian overtones, zestful rhythms, and EFX treatments. Here, Jones' pumping lines, harmonics, and somewhat angular attack serve as the guiding force, as his ensemble pursues a series of jagged themes interspersed with punchy rhythms and atmospheric synths. This 1990 release also features famed violinist Ravi Shankar, who, along with Jones, intertwines a series of Eastern modalities into the grand scheme of things, whereas Joe Sofia offers his pleasingly melodic vocals on two pieces. The band surges onward via a turbo-charged approach.


  1. $10.000 Bookshelf
  2. Heidelberg Switch
  3. Barrio
  4. Panic – Disorder
  5. Count The Ways
  6. Turn Around
  7. Slick
  8. Slack
  9. All For A Better Way
  10. Looking For A Sign Of New Life
  11. Razorville
  12. K2

Format: CD
Artist: Percy Jones
Release Date: 1990
Cat. No.: HST195CD