Pymlico "On This Day" CD

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Pymlico - On This Day (CD)
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On This Day sees Pymlico expanding their sound with an extensive use of horns and a stronger focus on groove elements in the music. At the same time, the album never departs from what has become the Pymlico trademark - strong melodic tracks. Mixing genres and taking inspiration from a wide source of styles including progressive rock, jazz rock, fusion, AOR and pop has resulted in eight powerful tracks with modern production techniques and a high-quality sound. On This Day will take the listener on a sonic and colourful journey.


  1. Heliotrope
  2. Time-turner
  3. Survival Guide
  4. Real People
  5. Partners In Crime
  6. Jumpstart
  7. Sidemen Inc
  8. Solex Agitator

Format: CD
Artist: Pymlico
Release Date: October 2, 2020
Cat. No.: ARP037CD