Retreat From Moscow "Dreams, Myths and Machines" CD

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Retreat From Moscow – Dreams, Myths and Machines (CD)
A Gravity Dream Music Release.

Following on from the January 2021 release of their debut album The World As We Knew It, a record that was 40 years in the making, Retreat From Moscow will release their sophomore album Dreams, Myths and Machines on August 18th on the Gravity Dream label.

The album was forged over the past three years by original band members John Harris (guitar, vocals, keyboards and flute), Andrew Raymond (keyboards), Tony Lewis (bass), and Greg Haver (drums and percussion) with special guests Robin Armstrong of Cosmograf, Andy Tillison of The Tangent, Pete Kirby of Skylines and American vocalist Jillian Slade.

The album draws on themes of Welsh and Greek mythology, dystopian futures, social anxiety and colonial whitewashing. The video for the album opener Saving California is again made in collaboration with New Zealand-based artist Paul McLaney from the band Gramsci.

Dreams, Myths and Machines had a complex gestation during 2021 and 2022, with Haver recording behind the closed borders of New Zealand. With co-producer Clint Murphy (Enter Shikari, Thunder, Two Year Break) at the helm, the album was created in a variety of recording environments, including the legendary Rockfield studios in Wales. The band and team have taken their time and embraced varying themes, while pushing the boundaries of their extended compositions, adding to their musical lexicon.

    Format: CD
    Artist: Retreat From Moscow
    Release Date: August 18, 2023