Seven Steps to the Green Door "The?Truth" CD (NEW RELEASE)

Marek Arnold

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Seven Steps to the Green Door – The?Truth  (CD)

"Seven Steps to the Green Door" are back! With their 6th album, the German progressive crossover band led by Marek Arnold (e.g. Artrock Project, Toxic Smile, CYRIL, Damanek) and Ulf Reinhardt completes their "?" trilogy with the final chapter The Truth.

The highly acclaimed first chapter (The?Book) of the Magnum Opus, consisting of a profound, critical story about religious fanaticism by Thoralf Koss - provided with a complete storybook by American author George Andrade - and a multi-layered musical realization, almost as a "rock opera", in the crossroads of art rock to progressive metal, was released back in 2011.  The second part followed in 2019 with The?Lie, the heaviest and darker part of the concept in terms of both music and lyrics.

Now, 15 years after work on the Opus began, The?Truth concludes the story of Samuel and his father with the most stylistically diverse part. A veritable firework of musical ideas, exciting arrangements and a total of 12 characters / singers, including well-known guests such as Peter Jones (Camel, Tiger Moth Tales), Manuel Schmid (Stern Combo Meissen), Larry B. (Toxic Smile) and Elisabeth Markstein (Alphaville).  Impressively, a last big exclamation mark is set!


  • Marek Arnold (keyboards, saxophones, seaboard)
  • Ulf Reinhardt (drums, percussions)
  • Robert Brenner (bass guitars)
  • Martin Fankhänel (electric and acoustic guitars)
  • additional bass parts by Denis Strassburg and Sören Müller


  • Lars Köhler – as Samuel
  • Peter Jones – as Father
  • Anne Trautmann – as Evangeline
  • Jana-Christina Pöche – as Mother
  • Sören Flechsig – as Noah
  • Larry B. - as Grandfather
  • Manuel Schmid – as The Acolyte
  • Amelie Hofmann – as Missa
  • Elisabeth Markstein – as Shelena
  • Annemarie Schmidt – as Evangeline´s Mother
  • Carolin Koss – as Caro
  • Micha Heinzig - Growls (Grandfather)
  • Robert Brenner – as The Police
  • George Andrade – as The Priest
  • Marek Arnold – as Village Man


  1. Revelations
  2. Africa
  3. Hearing Voices
  4. Alpha & Omega III
  5. The Arrest
  6. Hallucinations
  7. Hearts On Strings
  8. When You Get To See Me
  9. Hear My Voice
  10. A Dream That Stayed

Format: CD
Artist: Seven Steps To The Green Door
Release Date: May 21, 2024 - Production Now Delayed Until June 28