Spiraling "Transmitter" CD


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Spiraling – Transmitter CD

Long-out-of-print, the acclaimed 2002 release by Spiraling is back in very limited quantity. This, their debut album, brought the band and band leader, Tom Brislin, much praise. This is a must have for any supporter of both.


  1. The Connection
  2. The Girl On Top (Of The Piano)
  3. (I Don’t Want To) Grow Up
  4. This Is The Road
  5. Transmitter
  6. Lightning Twice
  7. Living Proof
  8. The “L” Word III
  9. Too Good To Be True
  10. Today Is The Last Day I Fixate On Your Shape
  11. Your Excellent Body
  12. (Get Your Own) Holy Grail

Format: CD
Artist: Spiraling
Release Date: 2002